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With MP Fitness

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MP Fitness is a specialist Therapy Centre for people with Cerebral Palsy. Our main area of expertise is in pre and post op SDR Therapy where we work very closely with DR T.S Park and the team in St Louis. Each person is treated as an individual and this allows us to tailor a training regime to suit each individual person.

This is one of the reasons we get such good results.

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Costs & Where To Stay


With us

Where to stay In St Louis


Residence Inn St. Louis

About us and how we work.


A little overview of the gym and what to expect when you are with us

The Operation


The St. Louis Childrens Hospital

 Dr T.S. Park


" We have been consistently impressed with positive changes Mike brings to children pre- and post-SDR. He has broadened a spectrum of post-SDR rehabilitation in children. "

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